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Breast Augmentation


What is Breast Augmentation?
Breast augmentation, also known as a boob job, silicon implants or technically as augmentation mammoplasty. It’s a very simple surgical procedure that is designed to not only increase the size of the breasts but also enhance the shape and feel of them as well. This is done by inserting a variety of different types of implants.
Implant types:
With the ever increasing demand and improvement in technology there are several different types of implants available to the modern flat chested woman. All implants are based around a rubber shells made of a synthetic silicone, then they are filled with saline or salt water solution or silicone gel. Your Breast Augmentation surgeon will discuss with you the options and advantages of each implant type.

The Surgical procedure:
The location of the cut or incision made to insert the implant will be marked out on your skin on the day of the surgery before the breast enhancement surgery begins. Sort of makes it seem like the surgeon needs instructions on where to cut but it is not like that at all. You do get a say as to where the incision will be made based on your body type, the shape of your breasts and other factors before surgery commences.

An incision around the areola or periareolar incission means the scar may be hidden to some extent by the shape, color and skin tone of the areola. An incision under the arm or axillary incision, will mean a fine scar under your arm in the arm pit area but no scarring on the breasts themselves. Lastly incision placed in the fold beneath the breast can be then hidden by the breast in a standing position but will be visible when laying down or standing on ones head.
Depending on the size of the implant a pocket is created to suit and the implant inserted.
The pocket and incision is then stitched and your off home with your new best friends.


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